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Great Work From Painter Julian Kreimer

Julian Kreimer - Woods

Julian Kreimer - They Have Their Own Precinct

Julian Kreimer is a Brooklyn-based artist and critic who paints both observational and abstract work. His observational paintings are particularly beautiful. Created en plein air, these landscapes are simple observations yet Kreimer’s style seems to imbue them with something greater. His palette is often muted and his brushstrokes almost haphazard, yet with simple strokes and a keen understanding of light and color he creates incredibly beautiful paintings.

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Feeling Infinity

Yayoi Kusama Infinite Installation Tate Modern

Yayoi Kusama Infinite Installation Tate Modern

Before a roller coaster starts, there’s a wonderful moment of anticipation. It’s the time when you might be a bit anxious, although some folks are very anxious, and you’re uncomfortable maybe because of your own anxiety, but probably because you’re tightly tucked between a hard plastic seat and the bar that keeps you from falling out of the plastic seat and dying. You can’t know the first time you ride the coaster what it will be like to fly through space on the track ahead of you. The possibilities are endless.

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Nike WMNS Roshe Run “Metric”

Nike WMNS Roshe Run "Metric"

Sci-fi and the future; I think about these all the time. The science fiction tales of the last 100 years has inspired so many of the objects we now have in our day to day lives. One of the fields sci-fi has absolutely had an effect on is in fashion design, as evidenced by these futuristic pair of Nike’s, the WMNS Roshe Run “Metric”.

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“We Work Nights”, A New Song by Gold Panda

Gold Panda - Half Of Where You Live

Gold Panda keeps dropping more and more new tracks to preview his upcoming album Half Of Where You Live, and I keep getting more and more excited. This new track is called “We Work Nights” and it’s a killer. At the 2:28 some crazy mandolin drops in along with the beat and you’re being taken on a journey around the world.

Plus, how rad is that art? That’s an Andy Gilmore and Michael Cina collaboration. Frequent Ghostly collaborators, they’re basically unstoppable at this point.

Andrew Lyons’ Incredible Bird Illustrations for Strong

Andrew Lyons' Bird Illustrations

Andrew Lyons' Bird Illustrations

It’s pretty awesome when you’re able to get that client who totally trusts you to do what you do best. They want you for your talent, and that’s what you give them. I feel like this is what happened with Andrew Lyons and the illustration project he worked on for Strong, a brand of nutrient supplements. I wouldn’t normally tie together supplements with incredible illustrations, but that’s exactly what we have here.

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New Office Products by Present & Correct

Present & Correct bookend

Present & Correct office supplies

London’s Present & Correct bills itself as a retailer of “office sundries for the modern workplace,” but one could argue they also peddle design pieces with functionality. Founded in 2008 by two graphic designers, the duo created their online store to sell original designs, vintage desk accessories, and the work of other designers they felt fit into their fold. Inspired by stationery, their wares are the type of office and work space accessories you might have always looked for but never known existed.

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An Incredible Pattern Hidden Inside A Meteorite

Widmanstätten pattern

Last week, I wrote about a wonderfully animated video by Al Boredman. Instead of simply highlighting the great animation, I took the opportunity to whine about some of the buildings that made the cut and some that didn’t. So I was dismayed, but not surprised, when I realized I was one of several people complaining about a fantastic video for a pretty flimsy reason. It reminded me how cantankerous people can be when talking about architecture, or maybe it’s not unique to the subject and everyone online is pretty much always cantankerous. So this week I’ve decided to highlight things I’ve come across recently that are simply amazing. No detractions. The first amazing thing is a pattern hidden inside a meteorite.

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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of May 20

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 20 1

Sounds From Los Angeles: An Interview With Travis Holcombe
For our final interview with KCRW folks, we shifted our gaze toward something they are very good at: music! Representing that world, we had a chat with Travis Holcombe, a new-ish DJ who recently has been given a huge chunk of the weekend to play with. We spoke with him about how he got to where he is today and what goes into making a DJ set. He’s a really cool guy with great taste in music. We recommend you check out his show, too.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 20 2

Al Que Quiere Is Everything You Want
Al Que Quiere is a design firm that focuses on making furniture and homewares and everything they make is fantastic. Their work is a mashing of classic and new styles that result in these pieces that are so fun and like some sort of mish-mash of aesthetics. We’re super into what they are doing and, although we won’t be able to afford them for some time (if ever), we had to share the work since it’s so dang cool.

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Space Suit of the Week – SMATIK’s Dead Astronauts

dead astronauts - SMATIK - andre ljosaj

There is a wonderful scene in WALL-E of the spaceship Axion re-entering Earth’s polluted and desolate atmosphere; space waste is littering the planetary field surrounding the pale blue dot and suffocating it. Immediately seeing SMATIK’s Dead Astronaut wallpaper, I remembered this scene with great clarity.

There is currently 19,000 pieces of debris larger than 5cm and another 300,000 pieces smaller than 1cm that is hovering around our homeland. Space junk consists of a wide range of material left behind from the quest of space exploration – spent rockets, old satellites, etc. This growing beehive of debris that may collide with operational spacecrafts and other bodies.

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