Top Five From LAIY: Week Of May 27

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 1

A Meander At PMCA
Surprisingly, walking has become a recent “thing” in LA. The city is becoming more accessible to foot pedestrians and it is slowly starting to make its way into art. Pasadena Museum of California Art is one of the first to champion it with a show called Meander by John O’Brien. The artist took a walk around a highway and made an art piece that is a reflection of how the city structures itself. It’s very fascinating and we were super lucky to have a little chat with him about the work.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 2

Drawing Stories With Travis Millard
Artist Travis Millard–who we love–has recently released a little series of videos where he literally draws stories. It’s kind of like Mister Rogers meets Adult Swim and is a hysterical entry into the world of art making films. Any fan of Travis and things that are good should watch these.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 3

John Tejada’s Elsewhere EP
John Tejada is the only Angeleno on Germany’s Kompakt label. They are celebrating their twentieth anniversary and are doing all sorts of celebratory things, which includes lots and lots of new releases. Among them is one from Tejada that is a two track release that all techno fans will want to listen to. They are “Somewhere” and “Elsewhere” and are birthday treats to the label.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 4

Baths’ Obsidian
It seems like Baths stormed the music world this week with his new album. It’s gotten major raves and represents an artist who is more serious and more daring with his work. It’s an interesting album and certainly has a lot of care put into it. You owe it a listen or two because everyone will be doing that.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 5

Classixx’s Hanging Gardens
Classixx have finally released their “debut” LP after what feels like forfuckingever. The album is a bonafide dance sensation that will have you all toe tappy and happy that it’s Summer time. This is the sunny poolside album you will want to listen to a lot and you can thank the LA bros of Classixx for that.

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