Ascent – A Smart Concept Light by Daniel Rybakken

Ascent-concept c

Ascent is a fantastic new table light designed by the award winning Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. Created for Luceplan, the beauty of this design is its simplicity. Ascent allows the user to control the intensity of the light simply by moving it up and down. When the shade is at the bottom the light is off but as it moves upwards its LEDs glow brighter, allowing the light to reach its strongest intensity at the top. It’s a simple idea and it’s executed brilliantly, with Rybakken using an action which feels both natural and intuitive.

Daniel Rybakken - Ascent with base

Ascent comes in two versions; one with a base for tables and the other with an anchor bolt which allows the user to tilt the cylindrical shaft up to 15 degress. You can hear him explain the design here and discover a little more about his process. More details about the project can be found on his website and through Luceplan.

Daniel Rybakken Ascent in Use