‘Things Come Apart’ by Todd McClellan

'Things Come Apart' by Todd McClellan

What do useful everyday objects look like from infancy? How many components link together a camera or chainsaw? These are questions artist and photographer Todd McClellan completely obliterates in his new book Things Come Apart. Taking the closest possible look at the inner workings of enduring design objects, McClellan dissects everything from iPads and telephones to alarm clocks and chainsaws. He then meticulously lays out each item, piece by piece, to give you a different perspective of its usually finished form. Interestingly, the arranged pieces are often more interesting than what they comprise.

Forcing you to look more closely at the sum of the parts, McClellan also intersperses his disassembly photos with essays. Leading figures in the worlds of DIY, design innovation, and restoration then further dismantle our notion of old school vs. new school by discussing the construction of, say, an old Apple Macintosh computer with the current iPad. They also deconstruct a baby grand piano which, we can imagine, is quite grand. Things Come Apart is both an interesting and  beautifully designed read which you can purchase here.

Todd McClellan "Things Come Apart"

'Things Come Apart' by Todd McClellan

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