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London’s Present & Correct bills itself as a retailer of “office sundries for the modern workplace,” but one could argue they also peddle design pieces with functionality. Founded in 2008 by two graphic designers, the duo created their online store to sell original designs, vintage desk accessories, and the work of other designers they felt fit into their fold. Inspired by stationery, their wares are the type of office and work space accessories you might have always looked for but never known existed.

Though Present & Correct sells a vast (and incredible) array of notes, envelopes, and notebooks, they have since expanded to include everything from giant binder clips and modern tape dispensers to birthday cards that turn into birthday cakes. They pay careful attention to color spectrum, as many items tend to fall in either primary school colors or a pastel hue, and every product nods to both clever design and durable function. They sell exclusively online in their own shop as well as through a brick and mortar store in London on the last Saturday of each month. And for those wanting to see prices in US dollar amounts, you can check out Present & Correct’s Etsy store, too.

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