Jessica Hans’ Photographs Have Me Longing For Adventure

Jessica Hans - Image from the series Terra

Jessica Hans

Jessica Hans is a talented ceramicist living and working in Philadelphia. She’s also happens to be a pretty great photographer and her photographs have me longing to leave the city and head out to the country with nothing more than some nice weather and a bunch of exciting places to explore.

Jessica Hans

Jessica Hans Slime Mold Bowl

As an artist, Jessica’s objects often exist as functional sculptures. Made from natural materials, her practice frequently sees her leaving the city to forage for materials in the wild. For me, her photographs feel like the most perfect field studies – images that feed into her ceramic work both as research and inspiration. Filled with color, shape and texture, her photographs complement her ceramic creations and add an extra layer of exploration and discovery to her practice.

You can view a number of Jessica Hans’ photographs on her site here as well as see some of her beautiful ceramic work.

Jessica Hans

Jessica Hans - Image from the series Falls