Wood & Pulp – New Work from Scotty Albrecht and Damion Silver

Scotty Albrecht - Bloom 8

Damion Silver 3

During the week artist and designer Scotty Albrecht got in touch to let me know that he’s recently created a whole batch of new work for an exhibition that he’s having in Brooklyn this weekend. The show is a joint exhibition with artist Damion Silver and I have to say that the duo make for an excellent pairing.

Both artists work with found objects and incorporate collage and assemblage into what they do. I hadn’t been aware of Silver’s work until Scotty sent me on some images, and I really love the look of both of their styles. I think that there’s something very pure about this type of hand-crafted work, and the contrasting mix of wrought wood with their use of structured-form leads to a really interesting and strong aesthetic.

Scotty Albrecht - NotPieces

Damion Silver

‘Wood & Pulp’ opens at the Colab Projectspace in Brooklyn this Saturday (May 25th) and runs until June 23rd. The images in this post feature work from both Albrecht and Silver (the second and forth images are by Silver). More work can be seen on each of their websites here and here.

Scotty Albrecht - NotPieces

Scotty Albrecht - NotPieces_Detail