One Great Animation about Five Great Buildings

Al Boardman Five Great Chicago Buildings

Al Boardman Five Great Chicago Buildings

While I’m not sure that all five of these buildings are necessarily great, the animation sure is. Titled Five Great Buildings, this short was made by Al Boardman, a expatriated Brit who loves architecture and lives in Chicago.

In his animation, five Chicago towers start as motile lines and geometries that stack and bloom into complete illustrations. Al describes his animation style as being “clean, clear and structured” which certainly applies to his work, and might explain his interest in architecture. It doesn’t explain what Trump Tower (a giant, glazed turd in my humble opinion) is doing in the lineup. If we’re sticking to towers, Studio Gang’s Aqua Tower seems more deserving, not to mention a bevy of buildings less than 20 stories tall that are all ripe for inclusion. Still, it’s an excellent video, are are Boardman’s others, including a short and informative video about the anatomy of a knife.

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