Illustrative Characters by Shen Plum

Shen Plum ghosts

Shen Plum illustration

It’s always fun to get sucked down the internet rabbit hole and led somewhere unexpected. While tooling around Etsy, I came across a store called Tiny Crystals which was selling hand-painted necklaces and journals with fantastic illustrations by Toronto-based artist Shen Plum. I was then led to her prolific online journal only to discover a world inhabited by vampire girls, ghost gangs, and skateboarding rabbits.

The illustrative worlds that Shen Plum creates—through portraits, patterns, and whimsical characters—is charming to say the least. She has a knack for capturing the anthropomorphically absurd, like beach bathing cats and fashion rabbits, but also renders bold portraits like a delicate pencil drawing of singer-songwriters Tegan & Sara framed by pastels and colorful collage. Plum’s work doesn’t seem to follow any themes, as she illustrates everything from a flock of flamingoes to a detailed Australian breakfast spread, but I’m hoping we’ll be seeing more from her in the future. And perhaps will soon see some prints in her Etsy shop, too (gentle nudge). Check out more of Shen Plum’s work here.

Shen Plum

Tegan and Sara by Shen Plum

Breakfast by Shen Plum

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