Ikimono Architects and the Aberrant Ground

Ikimono Architects Model Eats Ground Project

This weekend, I kind of stumbled into a rabbit hole of Japanese architecture. Or maybe it’s more like an ant farm? It started when I wanted to see what Jun Aoki was up to, and ended when I found these incredible models by Ikimono Architects. Honestly, I’m not even sure how I arrived at the firm’s website; between Jun Aoki and Ikimono Architects, it’s all a blur of white spaces and asymmetrical windows.

I didn’t realize I had seen the firm’s work before on ArchDaily and designboom because the speculative models are so distinct from the firm’s built work. And while the firm has realized some lovely built projects (I’m particularly fond of the Atelier Tinjinyama) the imagination of these unbuilt projects is outstanding. The project above is the “Eats ground project” which features a labyrinth of spaces burrowing into the site. The displaced dirt from the excavated spaces fills the volume within the project’s walls, pushing the ground inside higher and higher. Other projects are imagined as boxy volumes intermeshed with trees, as an undulating ground on top of a glass square, or even as an inhabitable bottle in the middle of the ocean. The ideas are as absurd as they are thought-provoking.



Ikimono Archiiects model

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