‘My Dirty Dumb Eyes’ by Lisa Hanawalt

My Dirty Dumb Eyes by Lisa Hanawalt

Fashionable pink cats, mini helicopters shooting out of a giant golden retriever’s eyeballs, and a trio of famous chefs straddling motorcycles that run on pork broth—this is the wonderfully wacky world of illustrator/comic book artist/podcast extraordinaire Lisa Hanawalt. Though we’re already big fans of  her work (remember that hilarious Visions of Thanksgiving drawing?), her new book, My Dirty Dumb Eyes, is particularly exciting, and not just because it’s endorsed by a bevy of comedian types like Patton Oswalt; she’s doing an expansive U.S. book tour, too.

Beyond Hanawalt’s deep artistic talents lies a playful deftness at illuminating pop culture subject matter in the wryest of ways. She sees “Jurassic Jeff” Goldblum as a sly-tongued dinosaur, for instance, and reinterprets Back to the Future as a bunch of lizards lounging on a Delorean. Her illustrations and comics have appeared in everything from Vice and McSweeney’s to The New York Times and Vanity Fair. I loved a recent series of chef drawings she made for Lucky Peach magazine, one of which depicted NYC chefs Anthony Bourdain, David Chang, and April Bloomfield astride motorcycles powered by their favorite ingredients.

My Dirty Dumb Eyes will be released on May 28, and you can check out Lisa Hanawalt’s book tour schedule below.

Pink Cat by Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt's The Secret Lives of Chefs

My Dirty Dumb Eyes Book Tour

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