Building Staircases with Nice Views: GLUCK+

Gluck+ Tower House

Gluck+ Tower House

Earlier this week, Dezeen ran a story about a clean and modern house; a house where the living spaces cantilevered off of stacked bedrooms like a grown-up, contemporary treehouse. The views from the so-called Tower House are incredible and the architects responsible for the projects are the ones at Gluck+. I poked around the firm’s website a bit and found that the Tower House has a sort of cousin built in the New York: the Vertical Library. Although one house is rural and the other urban, both are organized around something simple and humble: a staircase. More than just circulation, the stairs become exciting and dynamic places in these projects. In the city, the stair climbs a four-story bookshelf, and in the trees, the stair is painted bright yellow.

Gluck+ Townhouse New York

Another project by the firm, Grounded, has a video on the site where someone travels from the city to a wonderfully pastoral site to relax and stay… well… grounded. That project, a vacation house, has a giant green roof that makes most of the project seem underground at first, but the project has all kinds of stairs all over. In most shots of the house, there’s a staircase (or two) in the background with someone happily zipping up or down them. These stairs are nicely detailed and prominent… or is it possible that I’ve just never noticed stairs before? I’m probably just imagining things, but all three projects are quite nice and worth looking at, anyway. So who’s fetishizing the stairs here, is it the folks at Gluck+ or is it me?

Gluck+ Lakeside Retreat Grounded

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