‘Berlin Lovers’, My Favorite New Song by Still Corners

'Strange Pleasures' by Still Corners

It feels like spring/summer is creeping super quickly here in Los Angeles, so finding the right albums as the appropriate summer soundtrack is totally key. One I would highly suggest is the new release from Still Corners called Strange Pleasures. Still Corners is the musical collaboration between Greg Hughes and Tessa Murray, who together make some fuzzed out electronic joy.

I like they way the Sub Pop describes the new album, as “a leaner, more acute extrapolation of ’80s-suffused song and studio craft, navigating a sinuous trajectory between velveteen Angelo Badalamenti noir-pop torch song sophistication and ethereal Cocteau Twins beauty”, which is actually pretty on the mark. My favorite track off of the album has to be ‘Berlin Lovers’, which I’ve pasted above. Tessa’s velvety vocals are backed by heavy synths, a powerful combo that’s so pleasing to the ears.

May 16, 2013 / By