“Without You” by Lapalux


Stuart Howard’s music feels accessible and removed all at once. Known more popularly as Lapalux, the Essex based producer has melded perfectly into Brainfeeder’s world of ambient, bass-filled downtempo stylings. We featured his music last year on Anon’s excellent mixtape. Unlike some of his contemporaries, the music of Lapalux never completely rests or relaxes. His songs swell with feeling only to enervate, emotional residue accumulating long after the song has ended.

“Without You,” the first track off of his debut album Nostalchic, feels simple, like a trip-hop R&B ballad leftover from mid-90s Britain. Yet there is something magical here – a measured eroticism, two voices entwined and augmented as they sing “I do not want you to leave me / leave you” at the same time. The staggered measure, focused frustration of the song gets magnified in the video directed by Nick Ray Rutter. The amazing Natalia Tena (you may know her as Nymphadora Tonks or more recently as Osha) plays the romantic counter-part to a faceless, featureless man. The message of the song punctures through with a bit more force, a girl losing both herself and a man at same time.

May 15, 2013 / By