New Website and Prints from Evan Hecox

Evan Hecox print - 99 Cent Dream

Colorado-based artist Evan Hecox has been one of my favorite creatives for a little over a decade now. His amazing screen prints, featuring detailed images of cityscapes and the people who inhabit them, uniquely and exquisitely capture the urban lives that many of us lead. Last week Evan released a brand new site along with some really beautiful new prints.

It’s really interesting to see how Evan’s work has progressed over the years. He’s always focused on cities, lots of typography in each piece, but now it feels like he’s moving on to more abstract work. It’s an interesting combination of elements, these bold shapes paired with cities and text. It seems like he’s become mored with simply recreating a scene and is now looking to deconstruct the idea of a city. I think it’s a really great step forward in his work and I’m truly excited to see what else he has planned.

Evan Hecox print

Evan Hecox print - Brixton Market

May 14, 2013 / By