Daughter Covers Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”

Daughter (band)

The hype for Daft Punk’s upcoming album Random Access Memory is kind of getting ridiculous at this point. I took a listen to the album yesterday and my initial thought is that they’ve ditched their electronic weirdness for pop stardom… le sigh. But time (and motivations) change and we’ll always have the older albums. So instead of pointing out any of the songs from the album, I wanted to shed light on this cover of “Get Lucky” by London-based band Daughter.

I think it would be hard for anyone to out-sexy Pharrell, Daughter’s lead signer Elena Tonra gives an amazing rendition that equally matches the original. Her voice is sensual and patient, slowly breathing out each word. If you’re into this you should also check out Daughter’s new album If You Leave. It’s powerful and brilliant along the lines of Bats For Lashes and Feist.

May 14, 2013