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Remember when aliens were a thing? Not that they’ve gone anywhere, but they seem less popular than vampires, werewolves, and Spock as of late. But back in the 1990s, the alien motif was prevalent in both rave culture and in the pop cultural vernacular dotting everything from film and TV (RIP X-Files) to bumper stickers and t-shirts. Personally, I’ve been waiting for a UFO revival and am thrilled that the folks behind the new clothing line, Made on the Moon, are ushering them back into the style landscape.

Created in Portland, Oregon, by art duo Chiyo and Hans, Made on the Moon functions as wearable art inspired by science fiction, ancient cultures, pyramids, jazz artist Sun-Ra, and anything that one might label unconventional. Their current collection includes screen printed bandanas and scarves covered in UFO shapes or alien heads as well as “language of tongues” t-shirts featuring a squiggly pattern that appeared to the duo after mystical meditation. It’s refreshing to see a brand having fun with their descriptions and giving creative story lines to their products—my favorite being a tie-dyed t-shirt with two hands drawn over the chest that is entitled “Misbehaving Ancients”. There’s no telling what Chiyo and Hans will add to their future product roster (hand-carved skate decks and pyramid candle holders are also on offer), but I, for one, BELIEVE.

Made on the Moon alien bandana

Made on the Moon scarf

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