Wardrobe Basics by Everlane


Do you ever have one of those days when time is running short or sleepiness is having its way, and all you want to do is throw something on without thinking about it while also remaining tailored and stylish? I do, and Everlane is the answer. Created in-house by a small team of designers, Everlane makes basic wardrobe staples that are crafted out of beautiful fabrics that fit to perfection. That’s their whole ethos: “Instead of offering 20 options for a shirt, we try to make only the best in each category.” And that goes for menswear, womenswear, and accessories, too.

What’s so interesting and, frankly, bold about Everlane is that they employ the same factories used by well-known designer labels, but in doing so cut out the middleman and sell directly to the customer. And by offering an exclusively online retail experience , they eschew all of the extra costs inherent to traditional retail. Fabrics are sourced from around the world with a discerning eye for quality. Silk shirts are made in Kowloon, China, for instance, because that’s where the best silk comes from, while t-shirts are made in LA, and all factories meet workplace compliancy standards.

What’s more, there’s relatively little markup in price. So, if you’re in need of the quintessential t-shirt (which is sized a dozen times to achieve a perfect fit) or a silk blouse for work, the prices are well below $100 and each piece comes in a variety of colors. If something fits well and goes with everything, why not get it in a few colors? While Everlane’s current roster of products is relatively low—they’ve yet to introduce trousers, shorts, or skirts—they more than make up for it in a variety of basics that look, feel, and wear beautifully. And I’m assuming they’ll be expanding much more in the future. Check out their products here.

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