Top Five From LAIY: Week Of May 6

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of May 6

A Perfect Fit: An Interview With Steve Chiotakis
For May’s Featured Interviews on LAIY, we’re focusing on a handful of the talented folks over at radio institution KCRW. The first of a few interviews was with writer and radio personality Steve Chiotakis. He’s a super nice, super talented guy who didn’t ever think he would live in Los Angeles but, now, is one of the city’s biggest fans. For those of your public radio lovers, you may remember Steve from his work on the Marketplace Morning Report.

Big & Small
Out in Mount Washington is a little house that is the execution of a lot of big ideas. It’s called Big & Small and it was made by Anonymous Architects. It’s a brilliant exercise in efficiency, minimalism, and communication with the outside world. This is one of the many dream homes we wish we lived in.

Ira Svobodová’s White Space
Ira Svobodová is not an Angeleno but she does have a show here currently up at CES Contemporary. She paints these paintings that are so architectural and space lusting even though they are flat and of a monochromatic base. She then highlights or tapes them off like a beautiful crime scene with multi-colored lines. They are great.

What Type Of Angeleno Are You?
Because we realized that we are a little *too* obsessed with Los Angeles, we made a little quiz that–while imperfect–should help to diagnose what type of Angeleno you are. Don’t live in Los Angeles? There’s a result in there for you too if you answer all the right (well, wrong) answers.

The Mesa
We found this beer called The Mesa at a Whole Foods and we’re obsessed with it: it’s 75% beer and 25% wine, a combination that makes for a light and refreshing drink. It kind of tastes like a wheaty sparkling cider with strong apple notes and would be great to sip on a hot Summer day. The packaging is also really, really wonderful.

Oh! We also did a story on website builder Made With Color. They have also offered a special 29% off discount to LAIY readers. If you are looking to start a new site, why not check this place out?

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