Golly Bard Nature Watercolors

Golly Bard nature watercolors

Golly Bard bunny and feather watercolors

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” These are wise words from Albert Einstein and ones that I find entirely true. When in need of clarity, serenity, or inspiration, one need only to step into nature. Holly Ward Bimba appears to be one such artist deeply inspired by the earthly ephemera surrounding her. As the artist behind Golly Bard, a blog and online shop, she showcases and sells watercolors depicting everything from tree bark and wild mushrooms to errant feathers and entomology specimens.

What I love about her work is the whimsy in which she infuses her subjects. Insects and garden animals seem animated and curious while mushrooms and acorns appear to dance. Obsessed with “patterns and the cycle of life,” Bimba is drawn to animals in life and in death along with the science of nature, and even her more macabre scenes—like closed-eyed field mice surrounded by flies—are beautifully rendered. Though schooled in New York in illustration, print making, paper making, and book arts, she currently resides in the Virginia countryside where she’s undoubtedly inspired.  Check out her available work here.

Golly Bard nature illustrations

May 9, 2013