“Paranoia”, a collaboration between Nosaj Thing and Chance The Rapper

"Paranoia", a collaboration between Nosaj Thing and Chance The Rapper; Art by Mario Hugo

Created as a part of the Yours Truly and adidas originals “Songs from Scratch” series, this track from Nosaj Thing and Chance The Rapper has been on repeat for me all day long. “Paranoia” takes the laid back, atmospheric beats of Nosaj with the hazy flows of Chance floating gently over the top. Chance’s verses alternate somewhere between a melodic lullaby and a chaotic stream of consciousness. Nosaj’s beats are tender and abstract. Pairing the two together you get track that’s easy to get lost in.

Not to be outdone, the artwork for the single is pretty awesome. Designed by Mario Hugo, it features both Chance and Nosaj, though in a pretty distorted way, surrounded by all kinds of random objects. Here’s what Mario had to say about the piece.

Pleased to have directed and illustrated the single sleeve for this fantastic little track. The cover really spoke paranoia, and there are threatening little faces hidden throughout.

May 7, 2013 / By