Instagram Receives A Proper Logo, Refining Their Already Strong Branding

New Instagram Logo by Mackey Saturday

Old Instagram Logo

Since Instagram’s release a little under two years ago (it’s only been TWO YEARS) it’s blown up to an unbelievable scale, serving millions of photos everyday. And while the apps features have continued to grow, there was one spot that hadn’t gotten any love since the apps release: the Instagram logo. That problem has now been remedied though thanks to the work of Mackey Saturday.

Saturday, a Denver based designer who specializes in brand identity, has thrown out the old logo, which had been set in Billabong, and created a unique and beautiful word mark that retains the spirit of the old logo. It’s fun to be able to compare the new logo (top) with the bottom logo (bottom) and comparing the differences. Like the fact that he put in a proper cursive S, that he removed the weird “hips” on the A’s. I also like that he went with a simplified shape for the I, and that the descender on the G is a little less intense.

Instagram Logo by Mackey Saturday

He posted the image above, him in process of creating the new logo, on his Dribbble with the following statement.

It was always essential that the design maintained everything that we’ve all grown to know and love about Instagram while creating a logotype that was more refined, durable, and that positioned the brand for expansion. Looking to the past to inspire the future, the script connects with the nostalgia that Instagram was built from, maintains the important character of the original typeface, and places the brand in a unique and prominent position both in the current and future landscape.

Overall I think the new logo is a success. I’d guess that 95% of users will never notice that Instagram has a new logo because this isn’t a redesign, it’s a proper refinement. The decision makers behind Instagram made a smart move by choosing not to throw the baby out with the bath water and instead make their already identifiable brand something even better. Nice work by all involved.

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