Top Five From LAIY: Week of April 29

Top Five From LAIY Week of April 29

We didn’t have a Featured Interview so, instead, we spent Monday focused on music. One of the acts that we were most excited to share was from Pharaohs, an LA electronic band who have recently put out a super stellar LP. They feel kind of like The Crystal Ark but without the South American influence and we’re super excited to see where this band goes.

The Service Station
There has been this vacant, abandoned gas station in Los Feliz for some time that, very recently, has flipped into a really rad event space. It’s called The Service Station and they’re going to be hosting movies, events, pop-up stores, art happenings, and more. It’s a fascinating story of how they came to be: this is definitely a place you’re going to want to visit–or apply to your an abandoned gas station near you.

A Preview Of A+D’s Celebrate: The Journey
It’s gala season for local art museums in Los Angeles and A+D on Wilshire always has the coolest offering. What are they doing this year? They had artists and designers make items that would be great for a journey. Think cool bags and suitcases and more–all done in super conceptual, far out ways. If you are going to go to any gala, go to this one. They definitely have the coolest things to offer.

Richard Jackson’s Bad Dog
Get this: out in the very conservative county of Orange, artist Richard Jackson erected a giant sculpture of a dog taking a piss on the side of the Orange County Museum of Art. It’s called Bad Dog and it is amazing. There isn’t anything else to say: he made a giant dog and it pissed yellow paint on the side of a building. Brilliant!

John Baldessari’s In Still Life
We missed this when it came out but apparently artist John Baldessari made an app that lets you arrange and rearrange a still life. It’s a pretty funny, deconstructivist (literally) art idea that we’re totally into. It’s free and you can make some pretty wild anti-still lives with it.

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