Space Suit of the Week: Patrick McPheron’s Retrofuture Universe

the visitor - patrick mcpheron - theinterstate

Patrick McPheron‘s cosmic portraits are hyper glossy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the first issue of VOGUE Mars features some advertisements akin to them. This is a future where everyone is dashingly handsome, charming and smoother than Don Draper of Tomorrowland.

McPheron’s retrofuture universe is washed in hot tones of pinks and yellows – they’re washed of emotion and ready for their close up. The look is complete with skin-tight silver suits, like those worn by Sci-Fi babes of yesteryear, and fish bowl helmets – please look, but don’t touch.

If you are interested in seeing those that vying to be part of that future, check out Mars One. Mars One is a not-for-profit organization with the goal to establish human settlement on Mars. Applications are now open to become the first astronaut on Martian soil. Keep in mind that  those that venture to the red planet will not be coming back to the home planet, but staying there and setting up shop.

the visitor - patrick mcpheron - interiorstate3

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