‘Notes on Italy’ by Brian W Ferry

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 6

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 1

I’ve been a fan of Brian W. Ferry’s ever since Danica wrote about his photography on this blog nearly three years ago. Since then he’s been honing his craft and building up a hugely impressive portfolio of work. Just the other day he launched a new portfolio site and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Ferry’s images have the ability to capture beauty in life’s small moments. His wonderful observations can highlight the sublime in the everyday moments of life. Beautifully lit, imaginatively composed and with rich textures, Ferry’s photographs are pictures of life they way I’d like to live it.

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 5

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 4

His series ‘Notes on Italy’ is a particularly lovely collection of photographs. Unlike other travel photographers, Ferry seems to ignore the temptations of presenting a larger all-encompassing portrait of a place and instead creates a more considered view of his location. This leads to a warm, intimate and very personal collection of images. The full series of ‘Notes on Italy’ can be viewed here.

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 3

Notes of Italy by Brian W Ferry 2

Over the years Ferry has contributed work to publications from independent publishers such as Lawson’s Books, Synonym Journal and Verities magazine, as well as commissions for companies and clients such as Freunde von Freunden, Starbucks, The Aesthete. His popular blog The Blue Hour comes highly recommended.