The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Michael Cina

Michael Cina Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Michael Cina

Michael Cina is a man of many talents. As I’m writing this I’m thinking about how I need to link his name to his website… except he has like 12 websites, one for each of his interests. He’s a painter, a designer, and what we’ll be speaking about today, a typographer. A couple months back Michael released a rad typeface called Ramsey which is both bold and filled with character.

Ramsey’s tasty little details are what make it the perfect display font for both print and web. With strong structure and a warm personality, this typeface is a stout but refined workhorse. Ramsey’s strength really shines when it comes to identity work, headlines, and anything that requires a bold statement. This typeface’s 12 weights provide expansive versatility on and off screen, while it’s robust spacing and kerning creates a cool and even grey tone.

To celebrate the release of the font he created this beautiful wallpaper, the type beautifully weaved in between bursts of color. I love that this wallpaper is mostly dark as well, it personally helps me work, but I always like having bright colors around, so this I’d say is the best of both worlds. If you’re interested in seeing some great examples of how versatile Ramsey is I’d check out this Behance page Michael put up with about a thousand different examples.

If you want Ramsey for yourself you can buy it here on MyFonts.

May 1, 2013