Homespun Illustrations by Fumi Koike

Fumi Koike 'Room' illustration

Fumi Koike fox sweater illustration

I’ve always been a fan of artists drawing or painting interior spaces. It’s even more exciting when they illustrate their own. Thus, when I happened upon the work of Japanese artist Fumi Koike, I was pretty smitten. She paints everything from cozy bedrooms (complete with curled up canines) and animal sweaters (hey, it’s a fox!) to cups of coffee and freshly cracked loaves of bread. Her work is light, lovely, and all about comfort.

While most information about her tends to be in Japanese, Koike keeps her Facebook page in English, and the descriptions of her artwork continue to delight. “I love the faint smell of kerosene stove,” she says about a bedroom scene and, “I feel simplicity and happiness in this bread…” about a loaf of Pain de Campagne. Many of her paintings feature dogs lounging or sleeping including one of her workspace which has a large black dog screensaver depicted on the computer. It isn’t surprising that her latest show is entitled “Dog and Morning” and will open on May 9 at Do Design in Madrid.

Fumi Koike room paintings

Fumi Koike 'Workspace'

May 1, 2013