Battle Royale Re-Covered Film Poster Runners-Up

Battle Royale Re-Covered Film Poster Runners-Up

Yesterday we announced the winner of the Battle Royale Re-Covered Film Poster contest, a huge congrats Keorattana Luangrathajasombat. I mentioned in the end of the post that I also wanted to point out a few other entries that I thought were well-done and who also deserved credit for their work.

Anna Kovecses's poster for Battle Roayle

Anna Kovecses

My first runner-up is this piece by Anna Kovecses which I love because it’s has a really odd feeling to it. Anna abstracted the face of the girl who we see at the start of the film, who won that classes Battle Royale, so that there’s this giant red eye peering out at you, drops of blood littering the poster. I also think she did a really nice job on the typography as well, combining the Japanese elements of the film but aiming it at an American audience.

My problem with this poster is that it feels like a book cover to me. There’s only one line that it’s a film, no actor info or a release date or anything. It might also be the illustration aspect that gives off this vibe. I think it’s really well done, I just don’t see this hanging in a bus stop to promote a film.

Craig White's poster for Battle Royale

Craig White

I’m not sure if Pee Chee folder ever made it’s way outside of America, but if you went to school here in the last 60 years or so you’re probably familiar with the iconic yellow folders. Craig White used this as his inspiration, turning the traditional art of football players and cheerleaders into sadistic teachers and children running for their lives. Even the logo fits into the design scheme perfectly.

It’s a really clever idea, and Craig did an awesome job of making it work, but I don’t really see it as a film poster. It would be pretty funny if it was though.

Christopher Friedman's poster for Battle Royale

Christopher Friedman

“Battle Royale Tenenbaums”

That was all Christopher Friedman’s email said, which is honestly all it needed to say. It’s great as a concept, totally matches the Wes Andersen vibe, and it definitely looks like a film poster. It gets a mention for being well done and making me laugh.

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