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Top Five From LAIY: Week Of May 27

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 1

A Meander At PMCA
Surprisingly, walking has become a recent “thing” in LA. The city is becoming more accessible to foot pedestrians and it is slowly starting to make its way into art. Pasadena Museum of California Art is one of the first to champion it with a show called Meander by John O’Brien. The artist took a walk around a highway and made an art piece that is a reflection of how the city structures itself. It’s very fascinating and we were super lucky to have a little chat with him about the work.

Top Five From LAIY Week Of May 27 2

Drawing Stories With Travis Millard
Artist Travis Millard–who we love–has recently released a little series of videos where he literally draws stories. It’s kind of like Mister Rogers meets Adult Swim and is a hysterical entry into the world of art making films. Any fan of Travis and things that are good should watch these.

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Space Suit of the Week: The International Space Orchestra

international space orchestra2

The International Space Orchestra is the self proclaimed first orchestra of space scientists. Based at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA – the “planet-poking and bluegrass-playing” group is comprised of science nerds from Ames, SETI, Singularity University and the International Space University.

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Ascent – A Smart Concept Light by Daniel Rybakken

Ascent-concept c

Ascent is a fantastic new table light designed by the award winning Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken. Created for Luceplan, the beauty of this design is its simplicity. Ascent allows the user to control the intensity of the light simply by moving it up and down. When the shade is at the bottom the light is off but as it moves upwards its LEDs glow brighter, allowing the light to reach its strongest intensity at the top. It’s a simple idea and it’s executed brilliantly, with Rybakken using an action which feels both natural and intuitive.

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Elegant Objects from This is Paper Shop

This is Paper Shop classic sack

This is Paper Shop cutting board

“We disagree with mass production and consumptionism, with the relentless quest for new products that satisfy artificially created needs.” This is the mission statement of the new online retailer This is Paper Shop, founded by the same team who oversee This is Paper magazine. A response to the inherent beauty of beautifully designed everyday objects, the company wanted to push themselves beyond the boundaries of print to make products they couldn’t find in the marketplace. What began as a line of bags and backpacks sparked a design bug that has gone on to expand the company’s collection to include homewares and kitchen accessories built by skilled artisans.

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Polygamy Meets God in L.A. – A Film Review of ‘The Source Family’


Apparently, the Age of Aquarius has been in full swing since 2012, and as you can see, it has had a great effect on all of us. Well, not me. Not even a little bit actually. But I also don’t belong to a family that forces you to ingest the ‘Jewel of Truth’ and the ‘Wisdom of the Ages’. My family are meat and potatoes kind of people, although I can fully accept that family means something different to everyone. Dysfunctional, urban, organized, nuclear, blended – a family becomes exclusive through the bond (whatever that may be) that is shared among its members. For members of The Source Family, subject of the 2013 documentary, that bond is whatever YaHoWha says it is.

Who is YaHoWha? He is the Earthly Spiritual Father, also known as Father Yod, who was, at one time just plain old James Baker.

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Gary Baseman’s Creations for Lladro’s The Guest

Gary Baseman

On the heels of his massive autobiographical undertaking of a show at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, Gary Baseman came to New York for the launch of his contribution to The Guest, a series of figures created for high-end porcelain house Lladro, designed by artist Jaime Hayon. Following prior contributions to the series by Tim Biskup and Japanese studio Devilrobots, Baseman’s Guest figures arrived fashionably late.

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Japan’s Innovative Izu Book Cafe


Japan's Izu Bookstore Cafe

I love bookstores. Nothing compares to wandering the aisles, scanning the shelves, or flipping through art tomes on a meandering afternoon. Yes, many of us lead busy lives and favor the lure of the online book purchase arguing that there’s just as much discovery the further you fall down the “Other Recommended Titles” rabbit hole. But I beg to differ. Holding a book in your hand, feeling a page slide under your fingertips, or even engaging with your local bookseller for recommendations trumps the online experience every time because it’s human. I have hope for the local bookstore industry, though, and even more hope for the future after discovering the wonders of Japan’s Izu Book Cafe.

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