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The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Sam Ellis

Sam Ellis Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Sam Ellis

It’s always interesting to see how someone from a particular city, let’s say London, would interpret a city from across the globe, let’s say Los Angeles. What details would they include? Would the person show the city in a positive or negative light? Would they really understand what the city is about? That’s what we have today with this wallpaper by Sam Ellis.

Sam is a London based designer and illustrator who’s taken all that’s awesome about Los Angeles and piled into one epic piece. It’s incredible how many random cultural references he was able to put into one drawing. For example you have Lard Lad Donuts which is a reference to The Simpsons and it’s creator Matt Groening, which references the Bob’s Big Boy character and Randy’s Donuts giant donut, both of which are iconic Los Angeles landmarks.

You’ve also got basketball players, the Hollywood sign, Priui, the car from Grease, Red Hot Chili Pepper symbols, but most importantly, a gigantic In-N-Out sign in the middle. There’s just nothing better in the world than a burger at In-N-Out. A big thanks to Sam for creating such an awesome look at Los Angeles.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

Laura Redburn’s Colorful Collages

Laura Redburn 'Sent Back to Earth' collage

Laura Redburn bear collages

Collage art typically lends itself to extended perusal and pondering. When opposing images are mixed and juxtaposed together, something dramatic and interesting often happens. Welsh collage artist and illustrator Laura Redburn is a master of the artform. Her Cardboard Cities site showcases a plethora of work devoted to a hodgepodge of figures, animals, science fiction, and patterns to create dream-like imaginative worlds you can’t help smiling and staring at.

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Surreal Beauty in Carsten Güth’s ‘Private Bunker Series’

Carsten Guth's 'Private Bunker Series'

I recently came across these surreal photographs by the German designer Carsten Güth and was totally captivated by them. Entitled Private Bunker Series, the collection of photographs show a variety of residential houses shut-off from the outside world; their windows and doors nowhere to be seen.

There’s a surrealism and a beauty to these images. In many ways they feel claustrophobic – even horrific – but there’s also an elegance to be found in their minimalist forms and their obscure abstractions.

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Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation Video by Studio Kenji

 Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation

 Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation

Creating a spectacle, especially in New York, is always a challenge. With the rush of the city there’s a pervasive air of newness always about. So how does one make a splash in such a climate? With one bold, beautiful statement.

Studio Kenji, a boutique agency based in New York, captured this incredible video of the lighting installation at the Tribeca Film Festival’s opening. The talented crew at BWArchitects designed and fabricated the installation, in collaboration with Vanity Fair’s special event division. 1,600 handmade LED lights wrapped in paper shades swaying back and forth lazily on thin steel rods. The effect is hypnotic and ethereal, like fireflies dancing with thousands of flowers in unison. Check it out in the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

Rezon’s Multi Notebook

Rezon's Multi Notebook

Rezon's Multi Notebook

I’m definitely one of those people who has all sorts of notepads notebooks, sticky notes, etc. lying around, certain ones only being used for certain tasks. Rezon, a Japanese design firm, has taken the idea of merging all your favorite notebooks and notepads to create the Multi Notebook.

Rezon's Multi Notebook

The design of the notebooks is reflected on the outside, but more importantly on the inside, where you’re given a myriad of different ways to express your thoughts. You’ve got a grid at the bottom for laying out logos, a sticky in the top right corner for notes, some yellow legal pad for putting together your grocery list. All together it’s a pretty astounding idea with a flexibility that’s also quite fun.

Rezon's Multi Notebook

Beautiful work and new website by Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade

Mike McQuade

Really amazing new website from Chicago creative Mike McQuade. He designs, he illustrates, he creates fonts… the man is a machine. Above are two pieces he did for Wired Magazine which I liked a lot. He’s got so much work to pour through, be sure to take the time to see it all and get inspired.

Mike McQuade has over eight years of experiences as a multidisciplinary designer & illustrator. He believes that hard work, persistence, and a strong focus on craft leads to better work for his clients and other self-initiated projects. Mike describes his style as raw and always transforming. “I let the ideas lead the executions, I try not to let style come first”.

Eastern Collective’s Colorful Cables

Eastern Collective cables

I never really think too much about the cords I plug into my devices. Most of the time it’s all about making them disappear rather than stand out. But all that’s about to change thanks to Eastern Collective and their playful mix of textiles and technology. Created by designer Matt Benedetto, Collective Cables transform mundane cords into clever and colorful accessories for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android. A reinterpretation of climbing or hardware rope, they’re designed to “add true color to the black and white of your life.” (Though the black and white cord is just as fun.) What’s even better is they’ve made cords for all of the older versions of the iPad and iPod, as well as a line for audio systems. And Eastern Collective shows no signs of devoting themselves to just cables, either. They design iPhone cases, apparel,and sunglasses too. Check them all out here.

“Neon Graveyard” Window Display for Christian Louboutin by StudioXAG

"Neon Graveyard" Window Display for Christian Louboutin by StudioXAG

I’ve been on a neon and lasers kick lately, and this window display for Christian Louboutin’s store on Mount St. in London by StudioXAG definitely grabbed my eye. I love the vibrancy of the colors, the way the lights bring such a warmth to the colors, and how it reflects off each other.

We collaborated with the team at Christian Louboutin to create an amazing Vegas-inspired typographical installation. Each letter has it’s own story to tell and can be traced back to original Vegas signage. The stainless steel shells house a mix of Pygmy and Golfball bulbs, 4 different colours of neon, backlit perspex and crystal Cabochon. To make sure the window all came together beautifully each letter was powder coated in a rich, bright and glossy colour to match a shoe or a bag in Christian Louboutin’s current collection.

They also recreated the display in a more condensed version for the Louboutin store in Paris, which you can see below.

"Neon Graveyard" Window Display for Christian Louboutin by Studio XAG