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‘Photos Every Day’, the new ad from Apple

'Photos Every Day', the new ad from Apple

I’ve said it a million times before, you’re a weirdo if you use the phone on an iPhone. I have a whole separate post brewing about phones in general, but still to this day it strikes me as funny that it’s still called an iPhone yet I bet that the Phone app is used by less and less every day. What I do use every day is my camera. I’m a serial sharer, I love to document what’s going on in my life and take photos of the small details that other people might not have noticed. I’m always uploading photos to my Instagram or the upcoming Days app, it just makes me happy.

That’s why this new ad from Apple makes so much sense. I mean, they always know how to make a memorable commercial, but this one totally hits me. That’s why I took the screenshot above of the “hipster dude” taking a picture of “street art”, because that’s totally me, all the time. You can watch the ad below.

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‘Jörgits & the End of Winter’ – An Interactive Kids Novel by Tank & Bear

Jorgits title

Over the last few nights I’ve been stealing my girlfriend’s iPad and reading Jörgits & the End of Winter. It’s an illustrated and animated novel for children written by Anders Sandell and created by Tank and Bear. I had never read an interactive novel before and the adventure of the Jörgits was a wonderful introduction to the format.

Beautifully illustrated and designed by Anders, the book is filled with fantastic illustrations and the story is rich in interactive elements, allowing you to learn more about the characters, the environments and the story. You can get a good introduction to the book by checking out the video above.

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Constant Rotation: ‘Wait to Pleasure’ by No Joy

No Joy 'Wait to Pleasure' album cover

If there’s one word repeatedly used to describe Montreal band No Joy, it’s shoegaze. They’re often compared to 1990’s bands like Lush, Curve, and My Bloody Valentine, but I often wonder if that’s because they feature female vocals. No Joy is actually comprised of two females—Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd—along with Garland Hastings who now plays on drums, and though, yes, the shoegaze inspiration is evident, there’s something entirely new going on here.

Wait to Pleasure, out this week, is the band’s first foray into the studio following rapid word-of-mouth praise from SXSW masses as well as from Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino who hailed them as “the best band ever.” But beyond all that, you need only listen to No Joy’s music to feel the magic. Loud and swarming with shredding guitars and angelic banshee vocals pulsating underneath, this is music that enchants as much as it transfixes. It’s like something out of a dark, lethargic fairy dream directed by David Lynch. And just when you think it’s taking you somewhere dark and deep, it picks back up again swirling you through atmospheric, sunshine-filled canyons. I could go on and on with adjective-laden verbosity, but I suggest you listen to them instead.

Fantastic Fashion Illustrations by Laura Laine

Laura Laine illustration

It’s been quite a while since we featured the work of Laura Laine on the site, so I thought I’d see what she’s been up to lately. A Helsinki based artist, Laura does lots of editorial and advertising work using her iconic model girls, beautiful exaggerations of the women you see in the pages of fashion magazines. She’s always able to capture these really dynamic body poses with each of her models, and then layer them with all sorts of nuance and detail which just makes them stunning (check out these two pieces).

Laura Laine illustration

The pieces above and below were done for Elle Russia as a part of a piece on Horoscopes. I thought they did a great job of showing off her talent. Just look at all the detail and complexity of the hair of each model, it’s almost like you can see each individual strand. I could stare at her work all day long.

Laura also did a foxy wallpaper for the site back in 2008, which if you enjoy these pieces you’ll love it.

Laura Laine illustration

‘Get Free’ by Major Lazer featuring Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors

major lazer diplo switch

Say what you will about the two, but few have revived interest in Jamaican music as Diplo and Switch’s zombie-killing creation, Major Lazer. Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do was a stunning record, a perfect follow up from the iconic mixtapes Diplo put out in the years prior. To some extent, the hype for their new album Free the Universe is not just necessary, but proper. The record mashes dancehall, dub, trap and thatratchetmusic all at once, perfect for dance floors from Silver Lake to Brooklyn to Kingston.

Yet the song to watch might be this one. “Get Free” displays the beauty of dub reggae so perfectly. Equal parts Augustus Pablo and classic R&B, there’s something beautiful here. Amber Coffman asks “What will I do without my dreams?” as the beat bubbles back and forth like water on a choppy stream. A synthy horn pops in, dancing on the reggae rhythm. The chorus rings out on so many levels: “Look at me, I just can’t believe what they’ve done to me: We could never get free, I just want to be…” Are they talking about the government? The style of music? The oppression in Jamaica? Or just that subconscious desire to live? No matter. We all want to get free, don’t we?

New Work from Illustrator Matt Lyon, aka C86

New Work from Matt Lyon, aka C86

New Work from Matt Lyon, aka C86

Matt Lyon is a London based artist and illustrator who’ve I’ve been writing about for a while now. His signature style is creating fantastically colored shapes and spinning them into brilliant little masterpieces. I love that he embraces the psychedelic in some pieces but can just as easily create a very organized, thoughtful piece that you’d love to have wallpapered around your apartment.

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You Mom Wants Chocolate for Mother’s Day, Not Another Angry Neighbor.

Taza Chocolate

Taza Chocolate

This past weekend I helped put together a trampoline for my nephews. Well technically, I watched my brothers-in-law put together a trampoline for my nephews, but I wasn’t entirely useless: my sisters and I spent the time trying to figure out what to get our mom for Mother’s Day. I also helped by doing a sweet flip once the trampoline was all together, just to test it out. My nephews were astonished, and one remarked “I didn’t know old people could do a flip.”

Children really are precious gems, aren’t they? I’m certain I had worse remarks for my mom growing up, which is part of the reason why my mom will receive a Mother’s Day present from me each year without any bickering. But it wasn’t just my mouth that got me in trouble or caused my mom emotional anguish when I was a kid. One summer, such anguish started on the edge of a trampoline. It was a trampoline down the street, in a backyard overgrown with tall grasses and weeds. My twin sister and I jumped on the trampoline with the kids from next door, a brother and sister about our age. Between games of crack the egg, I decided I would quickly pee off the edge of the trampoline, a task made difficult by my neighbor’s refusal to stop jumping. What made the task even more difficult was his sister’s curiosity about what makes boys, boys. I turned to the side and tried to walk around the circumference of the trampoline away from her, and as a result, a wobbly and wide arc of pee circumscribed the trampoline. As soon as I was finished, the game of crack the egg resumed as if nothing had happened.

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