Ryan Hemsworth’s Remix of “Genesis” by Grimes

ryan hemsworth

Ryan Hemsworth might be one of the fastest rising DJs and remixers in the game. The 22 year old producer certainly has his own style and sound. As opposed to the multitudes of heavily-layered, over manipulated trap-house artists, his style lends more to the shoe-gazing, half speed beats. He redid Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You” with snappier drums and a heavier melody. And, quite excellently, redid the TFIB favorite “Open” by Rhye into a heavier, speedier club jam. And for me, his mix for Diplo & Friends has been one of the better mixes of 2013, combining ambient, ethereal, and dubtrapr™ like few can.

Yet it seems like his remix of “Genesis” by Grimes might be one of the few tracks of this year to get the idea of a remix right. Upon initial listen, the track feels like a swirling reduction of Grimes’ iconic piano lines, her voice phased down to smack against the bass. But the drums kick in, then, finally, the heavy harmony in the compressed synths. Splicing the lyrics into pieces, the echo-drenched “My heart” almost never leaves the mix. It’s a crystallization, a focused reinterpretation of one of the best songs of 2012. Just as good as good on the beach as it is on the dance floor.