Fantastic Illustrated Posters by Sergio Membrillas

Sergio Membrillas - illustrated poster 3

Sergio Membrillas - illustrated poster 1

I love the work of Spanish illustrator Sergio Membrillas. Living and working in Valencia, Sergio has a strong and unique style. His colors hum brilliantly on the page, creating a soft and warm palette that contrasts perfectly with the strong and sharp lines that make up his images.

I discovered Sergio’s work after he contributed pictures to Beck’s illustrated song book Song Reader. Checking out his site you can see that he’s worked with a great variety of national and international clients including Die Zeit magazine, Human Empire and Random House.

Sergio Membrillas - illustrated poster 2

I particularly like his poster designs which feel modern and retro all at once and they show off how strong his work is. You can see more of what he does by checking out his online portfolio here.

Sergio Membrillas - illustrated poster 4

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