Battle Royale Re-Covered Film Poster Contest Winner: Keorattana Luangrathrajasombat

Keorattana Luangrathajasombat's Battle Royale poster

Our first ever Re-Covered Film Poster contest was certainly an interesting experiment. My overall feeling about the contest was that a number of the posters turned out looking like book covers instead of a poster for a film. That might might have been my fault, I may not have been clear enough about my expectations, but that’s ok, it happens. I was still really excited by the quality of the submissions and think that it was totally a success.

That said, I think I picked a really great winner in Keorattana Luangrathrajasombat, who not only made a fantastic piece but might also have the longest name ever. He’s a designer currently working at a studio in Sydney called Made In Katana, working on apps and websites and the such.

What I like about Kero’s poster is that it feels like a fresh take on the original but still retains that movie theater vibe. It reminds me of the energy of the posters made for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette, with punches of pink and a sort of punk rock aesthetic. The image of the kids running with their bag of rations, X’s over their faces, is certainly emblematic of the film.

The “hand-painted” type set in white is bold and demands your attention. I also like how he was able to work the director, the tag line and the book credit into that space under the logo, it’s a good use of space. The subtle pink gradient is nice as well which brings a sinister tone to it without having to resort with a cliche of blood splatters or dripping blood. I know if I saw this poster in a bus stop or wheat pasted to a wall I’d definitely be interested in finding out more about it.

A huge congrats to Keorattana and a big thanks to everyone who entered. I’ll be sure to write a runner-up post tomorrow with some of the other posters that I liked as well.