‘A Dancing Shell’: A New Video from Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing 'A Dancing Shell' Music Video

Wild Nothing 'A Dancing Shell' Music Video

Wild Nothing is an astonishing band. Created and recorded solely by Jack Tatum in 2010 (though he now tours with a full line-up of musicians), the debut album, Gemini, riveted the indie music scene with its infectious dream pop sound. Gaining notoriety via the internet, the band’s second album, Nocturne, released last year, only extended the band’s adulation and even included the added bonus of a music video starring actress Michelle Williams.

Wild Nothing’s latest EP, Empty Estate, is scheduled for a May 14 release,  and the video for the song “A Dancing Shell” predicts a subtle shift in sound and vision. Directed by Hayley Akins with animation by Andy Williams, the video features the artwork of Eric Shaw, which gleefully hearkens the 1980s days of yore. Beginning with trippy, hypnotic graphics that merge into vivid paintings of obscure characters made of stripes and sticks, you’re transported back to the time with everyone wore Esprit and spent their Saturday mornings watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Trust us—you’ll be mesmerized.

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