Uniqlo UT Graphic Tees

Uniqlo UT graphic tees

“A t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love.” This is the philosophy behind Japanese retailer Uniqlo’s continuing UT Project that brings pop artists, graphic designers, and well known iconic images to the forefront of—you guessed it—t-shirts. Launched in Tokyo in 2007, the experience was built to resemble a futuristic convenience store selling limited-edition tees, but in recent years it’s become something much more.

Not only does the UT Project resurrect artist images from the past—like those of Keith Haring and Andy Warhol for 2013—they team with major corporations like Disney, MTV, and Hershey’s to showcase new takes on logos and branding. Not that many of us would want to wear corporate logos emblazoned across our chests, but there’s something fun about the Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise tee and reinvigorated Disney characters. This year also sees collaborations with filmmakers like David Lynch (though his collection quickly sold out) and The Director’s Bureau, which features designs by Geoff McFetridge and Gia Coppola. Uniqlo also teamed up with creative journals and magazines for a line of futuristic leaning designs, as well as printing the winning designs from their annual UT GRAND PRIX competition, which features designs from under-the-radar artists. Really, there’s a tee for everyone.

Uniqlo UT graphic t-shirts

April 26, 2013