Fantastic Fashion Illustrations by Laura Laine

Laura Laine illustration

It’s been quite a while since we featured the work of Laura Laine on the site, so I thought I’d see what she’s been up to lately. A Helsinki based artist, Laura does lots of editorial and advertising work using her iconic model girls, beautiful exaggerations of the women you see in the pages of fashion magazines. She’s always able to capture these really dynamic body poses with each of her models, and then layer them with all sorts of nuance and detail which just makes them stunning (check out these two pieces).

Laura Laine illustration

The pieces above and below were done for Elle Russia as a part of a piece on Horoscopes. I thought they did a great job of showing off her talent. Just look at all the detail and complexity of the hair of each model, it’s almost like you can see each individual strand. I could stare at her work all day long.

Laura also did a foxy wallpaper for the site back in 2008, which if you enjoy these pieces you’ll love it.

Laura Laine illustration

Bobby Solomon

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