Constant Rotation: ‘Wait to Pleasure’ by No Joy

No Joy 'Wait to Pleasure' album cover

If there’s one word repeatedly used to describe Montreal band No Joy, it’s shoegaze. They’re often compared to 1990’s bands like Lush, Curve, and My Bloody Valentine, but I often wonder if that’s because they feature female vocals. No Joy is actually comprised of two females—Jasamine White-Gluz and Laura Lloyd—along with Garland Hastings who now plays on drums, and though, yes, the shoegaze inspiration is evident, there’s something entirely new going on here.

Wait to Pleasure, out this week, is the band’s first foray into the studio following rapid word-of-mouth praise from SXSW masses as well as from Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino who hailed them as “the best band ever.” But beyond all that, you need only listen to No Joy’s music to feel the magic. Loud and swarming with shredding guitars and angelic banshee vocals pulsating underneath, this is music that enchants as much as it transfixes. It’s like something out of a dark, lethargic fairy dream directed by David Lynch. And just when you think it’s taking you somewhere dark and deep, it picks back up again swirling you through atmospheric, sunshine-filled canyons. I could go on and on with adjective-laden verbosity, but I suggest you listen to them instead.

April 25, 2013 / By