Laura Redburn’s Colorful Collages

Laura Redburn 'Sent Back to Earth' collage

Laura Redburn bear collages

Collage art typically lends itself to extended perusal and pondering. When opposing images are mixed and juxtaposed together, something dramatic and interesting often happens. Welsh collage artist and illustrator Laura Redburn is a master of the artform. Her Cardboard Cities site showcases a plethora of work devoted to a hodgepodge of figures, animals, science fiction, and patterns to create dream-like imaginative worlds you can’t help smiling and staring at.

Using old and new imagery for her mixed media pieces, Redburn transposes vivid color atop stark black and white or just throws a bunch of vibrant colors together to create beautifully precise patterns. Her animal series is all about bright whimsy as bears interact with flowers and oranges, stoic deer wear butterfly bow ties, and cats frolic with sea lions. There’s something so positive and uplifting about her designs that feels very much in line with spring whether you’re already living with sunshine or only dreaming about it. You can purchase prints and originals in her online shop as well as through Society 6.

Laura Redburn

Laura Redburn patterns