Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation Video by Studio Kenji

 Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation

 Tribeca Film Festival Lighting Installation

Creating a spectacle, especially in New York, is always a challenge. With the rush of the city there’s a pervasive air of newness always about. So how does one make a splash in such a climate? With one bold, beautiful statement.

Studio Kenji, a boutique agency based in New York, captured this incredible video of the lighting installation at the Tribeca Film Festival’s opening. The talented crew at BWArchitects designed and fabricated the installation, in collaboration with Vanity Fair’s special event division. 1,600 handmade LED lights wrapped in paper shades swaying back and forth lazily on thin steel rods. The effect is hypnotic and ethereal, like fireflies dancing with thousands of flowers in unison. Check it out in the video below and you’ll see what I mean.

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