Eastern Collective’s Colorful Cables

Eastern Collective cables

I never really think too much about the cords I plug into my devices. Most of the time it’s all about making them disappear rather than stand out. But all that’s about to change thanks to Eastern Collective and their playful mix of textiles and technology. Created by designer Matt Benedetto, Collective Cables transform mundane cords into clever and colorful accessories for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle or Android. A reinterpretation of climbing or hardware rope, they’re designed to “add true color to the black and white of your life.” (Though the black and white cord is just as fun.) What’s even better is they’ve made cords for all of the older versions of the iPad and iPod, as well as a line for audio systems. And Eastern Collective shows no signs of devoting themselves to just cables, either. They design iPhone cases, apparel,and sunglasses too. Check them all out here.