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When you think about your perfect day at home, do you ever imagine what you’ll be wearing? I’m seeing old sweats or staying in pajamas all day even though there’s often a laziness to that that feels uncomfortable by early evening. But imagine you had PJs, boxers, or underwear that you could keep on all day yet still feel somewhat stylish. This is where Sleepy Jones comes in. Recently launched by Andy Spade, Anthony Sperduti, and Chad Buri, the new company follows an ethos steeped in tinkering and pondering, where lounging itself is luxury, and the clothes you’re wearing echo a laid-back lifestyle.

With artists like Pablo Picasso and Paris Review founder George Plimpton as models, Sleepy Jones is described as “not-so-ready-wear” for both men and women that doubles as a uniform perfect for reading, writing, lounging, creating, or playing.  It’s all about kicking your pants off and “letting your mind wander.” The women’s line offers classic pajama tops, underwear, and shorts in soft Liberty of London cotton prints as well as shrunken robes, tank tops, and baby doll dresses. The men’s line is similar though also offers pajama pants and a collection designed by New York artist Wes Lang.

Everything is designed to be as comfortable as it is timeless, whether you’re pondering in bed or frolicking around Palm Springs. According to Sleepy Jones, it’s all about non-movement and wearing a little less in the comfort of your environs. So, hopefully, living in your underwear in this way will inspire you as it did Picasso. Or you can just follow the company motto and “finish nothing today” instead.

Editor’s Note: They even had their label designed by Geoff McFetridge.

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