Finland – Land of the Midnight Sun

Finland - Land of the Midnight Sun 1

These days everyone seems to be talking about how much brighter it is in the evenings and discussing “that extra stretch in the day”. I know you might be thinking that I must keep rather dull company, but it’s not that – discussing the hours of darkness in Northern Europe is a prerequisite for living here.

After surviving another grey and dull winter, the reemerging sun plays a significant role in the lives and lifestyles of the people who live here. This is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in Finland. Here the Finns survive with no sunlight in the winter, and in the summer nature replies with 24 hours of sun. In the northernmost parts of Finnish Lapland, the sun stays above the horizon for over 70 consecutive days.

In the video above, the Official Finnish Travel Site, Visit Finland, have captured some of the magic of this time of year in a beautiful video that celebrates the midnight sun. Go check it out and make sure to check out the music of Husky Rescue too which is featured in the video. Enjoy!

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