Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 15

Top Five From LAIY: Week Of April 15

The Ceramicist: An Interview With Ben Medansky
You may not know who Ben Medansky is just yet but you are going to know his name soon. He’s a Los Angeles based ceramicist who is making very playful and functional works that have given him great success at a super young age. He has a great eye for what is very “now” in the ceramics world and has a very distinct individual style. He’s going to be blowing up very, very soon…

Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show
Currently on view at MOCA’s PDC location is Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show, a bright yellow annotated show that gives you a step inside Sagmeister’s mind. It’s a celebration of what makes him and all people happy and is part interactive infographic, part designer at play, and part insane and wonderful and great. This show has been incredibly popular and is also free: you should make a point to see it if you are in LA.

The Active Apperatus and Liminal Landscapes
Also at PDC, Young Projects has a show featuring motion artist Refik Anadol. It’s an exploration of space and architecture and light and really transforms a gallery into a moving, perception melting space. Anadol is a super talent that is going to be changing what motion artists can do.

Paige Smith’s Urban Geodes
This is a little bit old but is new to me at least: artist and designer Paige Smith has been making little metallic looking street geodes as a part of her Urban Geode project. The resulting pieces look like you found a natural wonder tucked into what was once a hole in a building. They’re like golden crystals where bricks should be!

Mansur Gavriel
Mansur Gavriel is an LA and Berlin bag maker who have a hand in the pot of luxury bag makers and a hand in California casual. The bags are absolutely covetable and are so well made. They come at a pretty high price but, man, are they just so relaxed and high end. We’re obsessed.

Two other items that didn’t make the cut this week: there’s a cool desert gazing show at the PDC too called Cristopher Cichockis’ Episcenter and these Cotton & Flax’s Tea Towels are so geometrically cool.

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