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I don’t know if it’s because of Gestalten’s ode to cycling this week or because I recently took up spinning, but riding a bike is having a serious comeback. Not that it ever went away, mind you, but with the increasing popularity of spin classes, as well as urban dwellers opting for self-transportation in warmer months, cycling is having its day. Not knowing much about the effects of pedaling or the importance of proper attire, I took to the internet to find out more. My searching led me to Rapha, a cycling clothing and accessories company that also shoots inspiring ride films as well as publishing books and magazines.

Headquartered in London, with offices stateside in Portland, Oregon, Rapha offers beautifully designed performance wear for the minimally-minded. They also offer rides all over the world in the form of challenge rides and retreats. If you’re more of a spectator, I highly recommend watching a few of their videos highlighting both the beauty of a good ride and the stunning scenery in places like Corsica and Australia. Rapha is so passionate about cycling (most of their employees bike to work) that they created Rouleur Magazine to celebrate the drama of road riding complete with striking photography. They print a series of guides to rides all over the world, too. And even if you aren’t interested in taking up the sport, one can argue that a flipped up hat, dotted scarf, and graphic water bottle suit just about everybody.

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