Fantastically Fun Still-Life Paintings by El Grio

El Grio - Sinthz

El Grio - Jarron Dinastia Hang

Unfortunately I don’t know that much about El Grio, but what I do know is that I love his work! I first saw him featured on Juxtapoz a few months ago and ever since I’ve been a fan. Originally working in graffiti, the artist now seems to be focused mainly on producing fantastically mundane still-life paintings.

El Grio - Products

El Grio - Radio

There’s something really fun and playful about these objects and it’s terrific to see how his interpretation of such simple things can be filled with so much personality. From cartons of orange juice to jars of salsa, and from window cleaner to radio-cassette players, El Grio’s minimalist still lives are fantastically fun!

El Grio - Basural 90

You can see more of El Grio’s work by visiting his Flickr page here.

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