The Reconstructionists: An Artistic Celebration of Remarkable Women

The Reconstructionists Billie Holiday

The Reconstructionists Frida Kahlo

The Reconstructionists is an exciting new web project celebrating the women who have changed the world and our culture. A collaboration between illustrator Lisa Congdon and writer Maria Popova—remarkable women in their own right—each week sees an illustrated portrait paired with a short essay about a subject’s life and work. Delving into the inspiring work of well-known female creatives, scientists, and trailblazing pioneers, The Reconstructionists also highlights unsung heroes.

Congdon is a prolific artist with a long roster of loyal clients and fans, many of whom were introduced to her work via the internet, and her portraits for the project truly capture the spirit of the women profiled. The same can be said for Popova, whose fantastic Brain Pickings website acts as a creative bullhorn for all that is curious, interesting, and inspiring. Not only does she reveal the elements of a subject’s life you may not know, she writes about them in such a friendly, accessible way.

So far, The Reconstructionists have celebrated everyone from writers Joan Didion and Charlotte Brontë to photographer Bernice Abbott and groundbreaking editor Ursula Nordstrom. Pairing gracefully detailed art with insightful writing to reveal the remarkable women who have shaped our world beyond the boundaries of gender, is a project we think is remarkable itself. We’re looking forward to following the project every week.

The Reconstructionists Marie Curie

The Reconstructionists Maya Angelou

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