The Desktop Wallpaper Project featuring Luke Twyman

Luke Twyman Wallpaper - iPhone, iPad, Desktop

Luke Twyman

I first came across the work of UK artist Luke Twyman late last year and I was amazed at how beautiful it was. He painted these incredible snowy landscapes which had so much texture and detail. So it was immediately obvious that I needed him to create a wallpaper for the site.

Moving away from the snow he’s embraced a space-centric wallpaper that I’ve been using for about a month now. A lonely observatory sits atop a remote peak, peering off at a far-off quasar. I love the mystery and depth of tones in this piece, it’s just astounding. I’ve been using this as my wallpaper for the past month, I’m fond of darker backgrounds, and it works quite well.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new wallpaper!

April 17, 2013