‘Hysteria’ – A Look Inside Nobrow 8

Nobrow 8 covers

You probably know by now that I’m a big fan of Nobrow Press. Yet despite my enthusiasm for the indie publishers, it wasn’t until recently that I got to check out their self-titled flagship magazine. Already up to issue 8, each publication is a fantastic compendium of contemporary graphic art, bringing together a wonderful collection of comic creators and illustrators.

Nobrow 8 - Sam Bosma

Each issue is based around a theme, with issue 8 taking ‘Hysteria’ as its starting point. It’s a rather fitting theme for the times we live in and a wonderful inspiration for the artists involved. It’s exciting reading through and seeing so many unique interpretations. These range from ritualistic sacrifices (Sam Bosma – above) to the challenges of life as a teenage girl (Dilraj Mann with Laura Halliwell – below) and everything in-between.

Nobrow 8 - Dilraj Mann with Laura Halliwell

Divided into two parts, Nowbrow 8 is almost like two magazines rolled into one, with side one dedicated to comics and side two chock-full of drawings. It’s a great format and one which can introduce you to a broad range of talent. I was particularly taken by the work of Emmanuelle Walker, Nicolas Galkowski and Dustin Harbin (below). It was also nice to see some of my old favorites too such as Luke Pearson, Marta Monteiro and Philippa Rice.

Nobrow 8 - Dustin Harbin

Printed with 4 spot colors, Nobrow 8 has an unusual color palette but it’s one which works quite well, tying the work of all 45 artist together nicely. It’s occasionally quite bold and brash, but considering the ‘hysteria’ theme this works quite well. You can view more images from the magazine on the Nobrow website here.

Nobrow 8

Nowbrow 8 is out now and features two front covers (one by Max Capdevila and one by Karine Bernadou). You can order your copy here.

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