What is the most amazing photo you have ever taken?

Photo by Kent Miller

I don’t remember how but a few weeks back I signed up for Quora’s weekly email and I must admit, it’s one of the only newsletters I look forward to getting in my inbox. With this week’s mailing there was a rather broad but juicy question: What is the most amazing photo you have ever taken?

My favorite answer came from photographer Kent Miller on how he took the photo above: A Boeing 747 flying right over the heads of beachgoers in St. Maartens. And no, that’s not Photoshopped.

I focused on people reacting to the scene rather than the scene itself. I shot people getting blown off their feet under the aircraft. I shot people running from the spit of the sand blasting on their flesh. There were a lot of jetliners coming in that day, and a lot of commuter jets. I left enough room over their heads to keep the planes in the background. I was just really lucky to be in that place and time when the 747 Jumbo Jet came in. I think we felt like we were in a very safe place to make that picture then, but when it came in, it was like a shock. It took my breath away. It was like, “Oh my God.”

You can read the rest of Kent’s answer directly by clicking here.